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Our Team Training (5-7 people per group) is popular among people looking to have a more intimate relationship with their trainer. Specially tailored workout and nutrition programs, customized just for you while sharing training time with your team! Each client doing their own customized workouts and their own pace!

Let Coach Fatimat put together a personal training regimen that’s perfect for your weight loss, fitness, and health goals. Private, exclusive and performance-oriented, Village Coach Fitness Team Training sessions get the results you deserve!

It’s time to put you first. Call/Text (951) 296-3546 now! We recognize that each of you have different fitness goals, and our training sessions are designed to fit the needs of each individual. Safety is first and foremost with any personal training session at Village Coach Fitness, but don’t anticipate an easy workout. Come prepared to have fun, sweat, push your limits, step outside your comfort zone and realize what your body and mind are capable of achieving.

Semi-Private Training Fees

We offer a variety of training options. Please give us a call or request for your no obligation FREE fitness assessment with Coach Fatimat today. All Team training is 30 to 45 minutes in length.

Meet with Coach Fatimat for your FREE Comprehensive Fitness Assessment today!

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

  • Drop up to 15 pounds of fat
  • Get Cholesterol or blood pressure under control
  • Lose inches from your waist and thighs
  • Get sculpted arms and shoulders
  • Slip easily into your skinny jeans
  • Feel younger, stronger, healthier
  • Sleep better and gain focus
  • Tighten up your abs
  • Work off tension, stress, and anxiety

Your Fitness Goals Are Guaranteed!

With Coach Fatimat as your personal trainer, your fitness goals are guaranteed or your money back. It’s that simple. If you don’t start to see results within 30 days, Village Coach Fitness will refund your money. We are completely confident that you will get the benefits you want while having fun, challenging workouts every single time, that Coach Fatimat will personally refund 100% of your money. You have nothing to lose but fat! Request for your no obligation Free Comprehensive Fitness Assessment today!

Still Not Sure? Call Coach Fatimat to Discuss Your Fitness Goals – No Cost, No Hassle

We understand that choosing a trainer can be daunting, especially for people who have never had one before or who have special health or fitness requirements. That’s why Coach Fatimat asks that you give her a call at (951) 296-3546 to ask her any question you may have.