May 2018 Spotlight of the Month!

This month is extra special because we have two spotlights of the month! We’re so excited to share with you the personal story about our power couple Aubree and Brian Fuentes for our May tribal member Spotlight! We love having this duo as apart of our tribe, their dedication with living a healthier lifestyle is encouraging to others! Here is our May 2018 Spotlight Tribe Members:  Dedicated, Motivated, and Enthusiastic Brian and Aubree Fuentes!

Their Story:

Aubree was born and has lived in CA her whole life. Brian was born in Arizona and moved to CA shortly after and has lived in CA since then. Together, they own a preschool in Riverside called Children’s Lighthouse. Additionally, Brian has a career with the Riverside City Fire Department currently as a Firefighter Engineer. “We love to travel with our family!”

Aubree and Brian Fuentes are owners of Childrens Lighthouse, a learning center in Riverside.

Aubree and Brian Fuentes are owners of Childrens Lighthouse, a learning center in Riverside.

Are you involved in any sports? Aubree played soccer her whole childhood and Brian competed in Cross country and still enjoys taking long distance runs.

What is your motivation to workout? “The need to be healthy, maintain an active energy level and enjoy life with our kids.” Brian wanted to support Aubree on her journey and they enjoy working out and encouraging one another.

How does working out make you feel? “We feel much stronger and more balanced. We feel like we get more accomplished in a day when starting with a workout.”

What are your Fitness Goals? “To continue to increase strength, and tone muscles.”

How do you make time for your workouts? “I have scheduled my workouts in my calendar so when I am making other appointments and plans, it is all worked around the workouts. I work out in the morning right after I get kids off to school. That has been a better schedule for now.”

What is something positive you’ve gained since working out regularly ? “I enjoy encouraging others to do something they think is unreachable. I try to be more encouraging to others for starting healthy habits. “

What kind of milestones have you accomplished? “We have definitely learned the value of eating right and making choices. After we have worked out so hard in the morning, we don’t want to ruin it with eating unhealthy the rest of the day. We read labels much more and know what we are choosing. Sometimes we enjoy sweets but we are more aware of how often and how much.”

What would you say to someone on othe fence about joining the village?  “I definitely would say… jump the fence and jump all in. The encouragement you get from the Coaches, the encouragement from others on the same journey, and the excitement when you go from not using any weights (thinking you never will) and then you start adding weight is an amazing feeling. There is no price tag on a healthy lifestyle.”

We LOVE our Fuentes Family ! We’re so grateful to have you guys be apart of our Village Tribe! Thank you for sharing your story with us all! Don’t forget to show them some love by leaving a comment below!

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