December 2018 Spotlight of the Month

We’re so excited to share with you the personal story about this months’ spotlight member of our tribe, Lizeth Torres. We love having her as apart of our tribe, her dedication with living a healthier lifestyle is encouraging! Here is our December 2018 Spotlight Tribe Member: Driven, Sweet, and Tough; Lizeth Torres!

Lizeth’s Story:

“I am Lizeth Torres, I was born in Mexico City. I have two kids, Jayden And Dylan. I am 39 years old and work with my husband, Tony. I work as a secretary at the transportation company that he owns. My hobbies are dancing and doing makeup.”

Did you play sports growing up?

“I danced while I was growing up.”

What is your motivation to work out and what made you decide to start your fitness career?

“I was diagnosed with pre-cancer and gained weight until reaching 200 pounds! Then I started a diet, which made me lose weight but did not leave my body firm. I talked to my friend, Celia and she told me that the diet was good but I needed to exercise too. So I became motivated to start working out in hopes that my body would become firm and in shape.”


How does working out make you feel now versus before you started?

“When I first went my body hurt a lot. Now I am always happy and excited to go and workout. I used to have really bad migraines that made me throw up. Since I have started eating healthy and exercising I don’t have any more migraines.”

What are your fitness goals?

“My goals are to be fit, healthy and to gain muscle. I also want to keep my pre-cancer asleep for the rest of my life.”

What do you do to make sure you get in your workouts?

“I go when my kids are at school and whenever else I have time.”

What is something positive you’ve learned about yourself from exercising regularly?

“I have learned that even if sometimes my body hurts, I still keep working out so that I can be fit and healthy. If you are a mom that eats healthy and exercises, it motivates your kids to also have a healthy and fit life.”

What kinds of milestones have you accomplished & what were the results? 

“Both my character and my body have changed since I started exercising regularly and most importantly my pre-cancer is asleep and my migraines have stopped!”

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining the Village?

It was the best decision of my life to start boot camp. All 3 of the coaches there are very professional. The classes are very fun and very good for your health. I would say they should totally join because it is very professional, very clean, and the classes are so good that you will almost instantly see a change in your body.”

We LOVE you Lizeth! We’re so grateful to have you be apart of our tribe! Thank you for sharing your story with us all and inspiring others! Don’t forget to show Lizeth some love by leaving a comment below!

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