When you train with me on a regular basis we will get you into shape!  You will discover muscles you never knew you had and feel better than ever.  But did you know that 80% of experiencing the fruits of your exercise labors has to do with diet? With that said I want to help you maximize your fitness efforts and offer you a solution to achieve your fitness goals.

I want to introduce the tool you need to succeed out there, Vitabot. Think of it as your own personal dietician! It is a nutrition engine that will help you discover deficiencies in your diet and empower you in the art of effective meal planning.

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Step 1: New Account Setup

  • Create Account and Login at: VillageCoachFitness.vitabot.com
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  • Access Account with your username and password

Step 2: Access the Mobile Web App

Step 3: Access the Mobile Web App

  • Vitabot offers online training seminars at 8AM and 1PM PST. Join at: vitabot.webex.com
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  • Helps you achieve REAL RESULTS through balanced, whole food nutrition.
  • Creates personalized meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists./li>
  • Learns your eating habits and offers food suggestions to improve deficiencies
  • Tracks your goals to visually show your success.
  • Easy to follow, interactive nutrition report card.
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Feel free to download my Vitabot Quick Reference Guide here.