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I strongly believe my results driven fat melting program will change your body and your life like it has for hundreds of Riverside county residents.

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Success story - Linda


I am Linda, age 64. I live in the City of Riverside and work for the Riverside County Sheriff-Public Administrator.
It has been my joy to be a member of the Village for almost a full year. Two of my dear friends (current members of the Village) asked me if I would like to come along to a Saturday morning boot camp. These friends weren’t sure I would enjoy the workout or be interested in joining, still they extended the invitation.

I should tell you that on my own I have attempted to live a healthy life. I have tried Yoga, taken long walks, run on the treadmill and jogged some, but without a team, without encouragement, it has been difficult to stay true to an exercise program. Plus, I didn’t know what worked for me, what I could do, how hard I could work, how much I could achieve, until coming to the Village.

From my first workout, I felt welcomed and accepted. I loved the Coach ‘calling’ me out – telling me I was doing well. With almost every exercise, Coach had to stand in front of me and correct my movements. But, she did it in a helpful, loving way. And, when she was busy with others, those around me gently corrected my movements so I would receive the most benefit and not injure myself.

The first workout (and every other workout that followed) were exhausting. I could feel how weak I was, how I was struggling to keep up, how difficult it was to run, how out of breath I felt. I would go home, wash up, get dinner, and fall into bed. But, each and every morning, I felt rested and able to continue with boot camp. The Coach worked me hard, but she was careful not to let me overdo it. She modified some of the exercises to fit me, and would let me walk when others were running.

Gradually, little by little, I was gaining strength. I felt the beginning of muscles getting stronger that I didn’t even know were there. I could run the whole course. I was the slowest, but that didn’t matter to anyone – not even the Coach. I was running, I was lifting weights, I was swinging the kettlebells, I was using the resistance bands. The Coach only needs to correct me on occasion because now I understand the movements and do them so much better.

I love that the Village is made up of men and women – of every age – race – size- fitness. We are ALL welcome, we are ALL accepted for who we are and we are ALL encouraged, applauded, reminded that we are stronger and stronger. We are members of a Village. We want to be well, healthy, strong, and the Coach is keeping us on the right path.

I was facing major surgery in October 2014. The doctor was elated when I told him that I attend boot camp three nights a week. He was thrilled with my diet, with my body-weight. He indicated that because of the working out I could expect all to go well. When I met with the anesthesiologist she too was delighted about the boot camp, about my weight, and that I am a non-smoker. I am grateful to share with you that the surgery was a success and so was the recovery. The doctor was so happy to tell me (1) that no cancer was found, and that (2) I could return to work 28 days after major surgery. He said most patients (especially my age) need 35 to 45 days to recover. I believe with my whole heart that boot camp made all the difference.

“Coach” is the boot camp. She is the Village. Without her encouragement, her inspiration, her ever-changing workouts, her creativity, her care and concern for each member, no one would be experiencing these successes. When we moan and groan – and we do – she reminds us that we are strong and that all of this is for our success. And so it is.

My family and friends – and my doctors – have seen the positive effects of the workouts. I can do so much more than I could before. I have the strength to garden, to take care of my home, to work full-time in a management position that can be stressful at times. I am independent, capable, happy and strong. Age is coming, age is here, but I feel young, able to do whatever needs to be done. I have traveled with my family and ridden bikes with them covering miles and miles. I have walked for miles, chased grandkids, played football in the park. I want to be the grandmother that can keep up, that is vital, involved, and the Village is helping me to do that.

Each of us needs to exercise and eat right in order to live a strong, healthy life. I couldn’t do it on my own. If you can’t do it on your own, then be good to yourself and give the Village a try. You will find yourself surrounded by people who are striving for a good life and who are being lead to victory by a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable woman. The enthusiasm of the Coach and the members is contagious and you will enjoy yourself from the very first moment.

As the Coach says: To your success!

– Linda.
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident

Success story - April


My name is April and I am a Social Service Worker for Riverside County. I know I made the right decision to trust my physical health and extensive digestive issues with Coach Fatimat. When I began boot camp with Coach Fatimat, I was unable to perform any form of squats or lunges due to my physical limitation, but Coach provided corrective exercises to help me strengthen my joints and muscles.

The encouragement and the faith Coach had in me was my energy that kept me going. timonial
I can now proudly do squats and lunges like a pro! I am definitely able to see and feel changes in my body, physically, emotionally and also in my energy level.

Every workout works different muscles and I constantly feel myself getting stronger. I definitely look forward to boot camp each week and am excited for the positive changes that continue to come my way!

– April.
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident

Christina lost 41 lbs with Village Coach Fitness


I had always been a petite woman, weighing 115lbs, but after my 23rd birthday my weight skyrocketed to an incredible 169lbs. I went from a size 4 to a size 12, in just three years! Shopping became a nightmare. It got to the point that I would refuse to buy new clothes, I just could not bear to see myself go up one more size. This was when I decided that it was time to make a change in my life. I did not like what I saw in the mirror and I was tired of seeing the scale go up. I had never dieted before but I was committed to making this change.

My trainer, coach Fatimat an Olympic Silver Medalist, was dedicated to teaching me how to develop a meal plan and fitness regimen that I could incorporate into my busy lifestyle. After six months, I lost a total of 41lbs and I feel great. I am down to a size 6. I have learned to love my body and be comfortable in my own skin.

– Christina.
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident


Success weight loss story with Village Coach Fitness - Kim

My name is Kim Bailey, and I’m 37 years old. I am a business owner; I own my own day care. I live in Fontana, California.

Before I came to see Coach Fatimat, I weighed 209 pounds. When I would weigh myself I would just cry, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed myself to get that big. I couldn’t walk up stairs without breathing hard, I couldn’t run with my kids or play ball without breathing hard, my waist was getting bigger, so that meant my clothes were getting bigger. I just wasn’t happy with myself anymore.

I wanted a change. I know nothing worth having is easy, so I knew changing my lifestyle would be hard. I cried the first time I met with Coach Fatimat, I didn’t realize how much had been building up inside me, being a single mom, there is really no one to talk to. The job is all on your shoulders, bills, emotion, life is pretty much all on you. I knew I needed to take the first step to becoming a healthier me.

It was hard at first, but as the days went by it got easier and I realized that I COULD do it! I slowly saw the weight begin to disappear. I was getting compliments about how good I was looking. It’s hard when you have a busy schedule, but when you start being able to race your kids and climb stairs without breathing heavy and feeling like you’re going to die, its starts changing your mind set.

Changing your lifestyle is HARD, I have cheated and fallen for a moment, but I get back up again. It’s okay if you mess up; life is about learning and experiencing different things. What good is life if you can’t laugh and be with your loved ones? You’re not alone; someone is always there to hold your hand. Trust me, if I could do this, anyone can!!

I am PROUD to say, I have lost 40 lbs!!! I now weigh 169.5!!! I am so super close to my goal!!! I really did not think I would ever weigh this much again!!! Thank you, Coach Fatimat for believing in me! If you have ever considered or thought about losing weight and you have felt that you couldn’t do it, trust me, you can!!! Please just give it a try, call Coach Fatimat, she is AWESOME. She has a great background in fitness. It’s really not about going on a diet, is about a lifestyle change!!!

– Kim
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident


Success weight loss story with Village Coach Fitness - Kristy

My journey with Village Coach Fitness began in July 2012 when a good friend of mine recommended a new trainer she had come across by the name of Coach Fatimat. I signed up and knew from day one that Village Coach Fitness was perfect for me. Every workout session proved to be more challenging than the next. What really stood out to me in each and every session was how supportive and encouraging all of the tribe members were. I would come to learn that this was a direct reflection of our tribal leader, Coach Fatimat. Her kind words and ability to push each and every one of us in our daily workouts is why anyone who stays committed to her program sees immediate results. She always finds a way to push you to do your best.

Even though I had always been a pretty active person, Coach Fatimat’s exercises proved to be very challenging (especially when her timer runs on Nigerian time) and rewarding. Right away I started noticing a difference not only in my body but in the way I felt. I now feel more energetic and motivated to keep on following Coach Fatimat’s program. Thanks for all of the encouragement Coach!

– Kristy.
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident


Success weight loss story with Village Coach Fitness - Nikki

My name is Nikki and I am 35 years old. In June 2012 I got married and “let myself go” while trying to adjust to married life and other life experiences and difficult times that were literally “weighing me down.” With the love and support of my husband and my parents, I decided to do something about my weight gain, low self-esteem, and emotional “stuff” that was plaguing me. In early February I met Coach Fatimat (Coach Cousin), and she was the encourager I needed, the coach I needed, and the discipline I needed to get me back to a healthy place. I was shocked to learn that I had reached the unhealthy weight and body fat, which put me into the OBESE category during my fitness assessment and I felt disgusted about myself and how badly out of shape I had become.

So, needless to say, I joined Village Coach Fitness and began my healthy eating (though I still have to treat myself to Starbucks once in a while), and bootcamp, which energizes me from the inside out. After a few weeks my husband told me he noticed my body changing. A few weeks after that, my family began to notice the changes happening to me…both physically and mentally. I never thought I would enjoy having my butt kicked so often in one week! I love the workouts! I love the nutritional component (who knew I would like spinach or kale in my smoothies?!).

I feel so much better after working out! The atmosphere is amazing, working out with other village tribe members, and we pushed each other! Coach Fatimat inspires me! She loves what she does and it’s so fun watching her laugh and love us and push us to become healthier and happier! If someone is sitting out there right now, who is on the fence regarding a new lifestyle choice….listen to me….this works! In my first month, I lost over 10 pounds and countless inches…my body feels more firm, my body and my brain crave the healthy food and strenuous workouts. I am so glad that I am where I am today…and I do not plan to stop here…I want to look sexy in my bikini this coming September, when my hubby and I finally get to take our honeymoon to Maui.

– Nikki
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident


Village Coach Fitness Success story -Alycia

I am a 43 year old and I joined boot camp to get in better shape to surprise my husband with a dance for his birthday. Not only did I lose 13 pounds of body fat, I feel stronger and I look great in my clothes! I made lots of new friends and I learned an entirely new way to think about food and my fitness. I want to thank Coach Fatimat because she is very supportive and encouraging every step of the way. It has been my pleasure being a part of her boot camp and I would tell anyone that it is the best decision that you can make for yourself. Your future health depends on it!! Oh, I almost forgot, the surprise dance was great and I fit into my red dress!!

– Alycia
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident



I am 52 years old and teach 5th grade in the city where I live – Riverside, CA. Before I began working with Fatimat, I was tired and sluggish throughout the day. I always used the excuse that I didn’t have enough time to work out. After visiting my doctor, I realized I needed a change in my lifestyle or be put on medicine for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I have been working with Fatimat for almost two years and have seen remarkable changes. My cholesterol was 231 and went down to 187 in three months. My blood pressure also went down and I don’t have to be on any medication. I have energy to do a mile run with my class every week and participate in P.E.

I have gotten in the habit of getting up early and working out before work. It was tough at first, but with Fatimat’s encouragement and expectations, I was able to do it. I have always had a relatively healthy diet, but Fatimat reinforced maintaining that diet and gave me new ideas to continue.

Try Village Coach Fitness for a month and you won’t be disappointed!!!

– Rowena
Village Coach Fitness Client
Riverside County Resident