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Tina side by side for blog 1Hello!!!! Well, it has been about six weeks since my last blog…. Here is what’s new in my life:

Towards the end of 2012 I developed a really bad habit of snacking while watching TV late at night…. You would think that since I have been trying to get my health back for so long now, this would be a no-brainer of a no-no!!! However, no matter where you are on your journey; temptation to go back to old habits is always going to be there… We have a choice – either give in and lose the mindset and progress we have made by changing how we think or stay strong and beat it! Tell your body NO! and keep moving forward. Unfortunately, I gave in for a short period of time but then I was able to get my mindset back on track and take control! However, there were some consequences to my choice… here is what happened – I gained about 6-7 pounds over the course of 8 weeks! Part of my New Year’s resolution was to give up the snacking… although it was a BIG struggle for me (with my mind even trying to justify it by saying “I didn’t meet my caloric intake for the day so it will be alright”) I DID NOT give in to the temptation!!! I have not allowed myself to snack after dinner since January 1st! The result….. six weeks later at my weigh in I am down SEVEN Pounds and 2.4% of body fat!!!!! I know it is hard, but DON’T allow yourself to participate in mindless eating while watching TV. You would be blown away at how many calories you consume without even realizing it! Imagine if I had not given in to the temptation at all…. I wouldn’t have had to re-lose those seven pounds! I would have been SEVEN pounds closer to my ultimate goal!!!! Don’t worry if you have fallen off the wagon on your journey…. Just re-gain your focus and start again! Today is a NEW day! Start over and rejoice in your strength to get back up on your feet!

Post your comments below…. I would love to hear you share about your journey!

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