September Member Spotlight – Dedicated and Kind …. Tina Chase Sawa





We are so excited to share the personal story about this months’ member! We love having her as part of our tribe and we hope you enjoy getting to know her a little bit more! Here is our August 2016 Tribe Member Spotlight:  Dedicated and Kind…. Tina Chase-Sawa!


Give us a little history about yourself.  Where were you born? Did you play sports growing up?

I am a native Californian born in LA and raised in Buena Park, right by Knotts’ Berry Farm. I have 2 children, Kathleen and Jack and have been married to Kenny for 25 years. I have been teaching for over 30 years.  I did play sports in school when there was still GAA (Girls Athletic Department).  I can say I never really liked the working out or running parts.

                 A Night With Family
                Looking Fabulous!











What is your motivation to work out?

Although I joined some health clubs over the years, I never really took full advantage of them.  I had a friend at school who invited me to try working out doing Piyo.  I decided it was about time that I began taking care of my body.  It was so hard.  I couldn’t really do much of anything, but I kept at it.  I was then invited to the Village when it was at the Grove.  I was in better shape after a year

How does working out make you feel?

Again, I stayed with it because I was feeling better and really enjoyed Fatimat’s positive attitude, the people and the workout.

What are your goals?

My goals are to just keep at it, even though there are days I don’t feel like going.   Once I am there I am glad I went.  Attending classes 4 times a week is more for the heath benefits and keeping myself toned.
 What do you do to make sure you have time for your workouts?

I make time to work out because it is something I do for myself.   With teaching, I was attending the evening classes at first, then the 5:00 AM classes opened up and that’s the best time for my daughter and me to get our workout in. Yes, she joined, too!

 What would you say to someone on the fence about joining the Village?

If someone was on the fence about joining the Village, I would tell them get off of the fence and become a part of the tribe.  Yes it will be hard in the beginning, and hard after that, but you will have the support of a great coach and wonderful people.

We LOVE you, Tina and are so grateful to have YOU in our Village Tribe.  Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. 

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