Personal Training

We know that not everybody is comfortable with group train. Do you want to train privately maybe with a couple of your close friends; you’ve come to the right place. The Village Coach Fitness 16 Week Body Transformation System is the most comprehensive training and nutrition plan in Riverside.

Under our expert coaching, you can expect a permanent lifestyle change. That’s also why our clients experience a higher success rate than with any other personal training program currently available in Riverside. Our attention to detail, as well as our ability to listen to you, to help you make the changes that make the most sense for you given your current lifestyle, is what our clients say makes us the clear choice for any individual seeking a healthier lifestyle, more vitality, and an improved appearance.

In 4 weeks, I feels great both physically (I have more energy and feel better) and emotionally (I have more confidence). The knee pain I was having is gone, I am able to climb the stairs without any pain. Best time and money I ever spent.” Janet Sears

Here’s How The Program Works:

Most of our clients choose to meet with us in our private personal training studio (conveniently located at Orange Crest, Riverside), however we do also offer in-home training (please call us at 866-761-8877 to find out if we service your area).

First, we perform a complete assessment and help you set realistic goals, as well as putting them on a timeline for achievement. Measurements taken include weight, bodyfat percentage, inch measurements, and a complete nutrition assessment. We are also the only personal training in Riverside to offer metabolism testing, which allows us to discover what the maximum amount of calories you can consume in a day and still lose weight! We call it “The answer to painfree weight loss!! No more starvation diets that leave you tired, frustrated, and ultimately unsuccessful” This process is crucial for helping us set goals, and also to establish a baseline against which we’ll be able to measure your progress.

Next, most of our clients begin training with us anywhere from one to three times per week (nutrition appointments are bi-weekly), depending on their goals, motivation, and budget. The workouts themselves are based on a powerful combination of free weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardiovascular training. We design the entire program for you. We explain to you the best times and most effective ways of doing cardio. We provide you with a complete routine, teach you the components, and help you implement them.

Our programs are based on the principle of periodization. Our unique protocols have been designed over the last 15 years through research and trial and error, and cannot be found anywhere else. The reason they’re so effective is because they work with your current fitness level, and are structured to take you through a gradual progression. Using this methodology, we’ve seen unbelievable results with both beginners AND advanced trainees. Wherever you are today, our methods will get you to where you want to be in record time – guaranteed!

The results I’ve achieved with this program have been an amazing feeling. I feel like myself again.” Cathy Benson, Notary Public

The key to ongoing success with your fitness program is to continually find new ways to challenge the body. That being said, most trainers are never taught how to do that properly. They make changes randomly which produces an unpredictable result. That’s one of the reasons most trainers fail to get their clients results. Our trainers are true masters at designing your program in a way that we are able to lead your body exactly where we’d like it to go, and produce the results you’re looking for.

How We Are Able To Keep You On Track:

The key to a successful transformation is in helping you to develop new, supportive habits. While this is achievable, it can be a bit tricky, because the tendency is to slip back into older, established patterns. In order to break those patterns, you need to be accountable to someone. As part of our program, we believe in keeping accountability very high. We do this in a number of ways.

At Village Coach Fitness, clients are taught our “code of honour”. It’s a set of simple principles you can fall back on if ever in doubt. One of your core principles is “be accountable”. Each week, when meeting with your trainer, you will review the previous week’s activities. Together with your trainer, you’ll complete a weekly checklist that will serve as a reminder of what activities you will need to focus on to reach your desired outcome. These are straightforward questions like, “how many meals are you eating on average each day?”, or “are you getting some protein with each meal?”

All clients are required to keep a daily nutrition journal, which we’ll review with you on a bi-weekly basis, answer any questions you may have, continue the process of educating you, as well as keeping you accountable to your nutrition plan.

At every stage, it is possible you will encounter challenges. Our job is to work with you to find the solutions that make sense for you and help keep you on track to your goals. Our vast knowledge, our experience, and our team-based approach have allowed us to be very effective in helping our clients easily break through any challenges they may be having.

How The Nutrition Program Works:

Our nutrition program is the most complete plan available on the market today. We begin with a comprehensive assessment including our exclusive metabolic testing technology, and we help you customize a menu based on your goals and what your body requires. This is not a diet. For your fitness program to succeed long term, you must stop dieting right now! Not only are diets a waste of time (they teach your body to store calories rather than burn them), but they’re just downright bad for you.

Our nutrition system is based on what’s known as supportive nutrition. That means we give your body all the nutrients it needs to thrive and you should never experience excessive hunger or deprivation.

The menu we customize for you is based on a conversation between us and you. It’s not a lecture on what you can or cannot eat. We want to hear from you on how your day typically unfolds. We want to hear from you on what foods you might enjoy vs. the foods we recommend that you’ll never eat. If you’d like lots of healthy recipes, we’re happy to provide them. If you generally don’t like to spend time preparing food, we have a plan for you too.

Generally speaking, you’ll be eating your own food, and food which can be purchased from any grocery store. Our job will be to help you learn supportive nutrition habits, and how to eat smaller, more frequent meals & snacks, incorporate lean proteins and plenty of fresh vegetables, drink plenty of fresh water, and cut down on pop and fruit juice.

If you prefer to have your meals cooked and delivered, we have a sister service that can do this for you at an extra cost. This will be discussed once we’ve had the opportunity to assess your current needs.

Either way, finding a balance with your nutrition is a process. We’ll be looking to you for feedback on what’s working, and what your biggest challenges are. Working together, we’ll find a plan that suits your lifestyle and supports you having the health and body you want.

At the end of the day, it is the synergistic combination between our nutrition and training protocols that produce amazing, life-changing results. This is another area where most personal training programs drop the ball. Either they don’t include nutrition advice, or if they do, it’s just that – advice. They won’t work with you on customizing a plan that suits your lifestyle, your tastes, and your goals.

To anyone considering becoming an Village Coach Fitness Client: do it now!! Follow the program, which is easy and you will look and feel great in no time! This is the best and easiest health program I have ever been on.” Maria Loera, Social Worker

How To Get Started:

Getting started with the program is easy. Call us at (866) 761-8877 or click here to request your complimentary consultation. During your consultation, we’ll need to ask you some questions, get into your goals in more detail, and if we have a fit, we’ll review the different program options and help you decide what’s best for you