July 2017 Member Spotlight of the Month

        We are so excited to share the personal story about this months’ member! We love having her as part of our tribe as she is such an inspiration to all members and coaches! Here is our June 2017 Tribe member Spotlight: spirited, enthusiastic, persevering Dr. Piali Dattaray! 


Piali’s Story:  

“I was born in Los Angeles, but spent most of my life in Moreno Valley.  I graduated from Valley View High School, UC Riverside, and finished medical school and residency at Loma Linda University.  My husband and I moved to Honolulu and then to Northern California after I completed my residency.  We moved back to Riverside in 2013.   I am currently an Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon with Riverside Medical Clinic and am a mother of two children, ages 5 and 3.”



What are your goals?

“I strive to stay a healthy, happy, loving and active member of my family.   I aim to remain intellectually and physically agile so that I can have a long career in service to my patients as a surgeon. I am genetically predisposed to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and multiple types of cancer, so I hope to ward those off for as long as I can with healthy habits. I just recently achieved my goal of running my first half marathon and I’m hooked.  I’m trying to figure out new races to run in the Fall.”



What is your motivation to work out?

“My main motivation to work out is to have the energy, strength, and mobility to meet the demands of being a mom and my work.”

How does working out make you feel?

“Working out allows me to start each day with a sense of accomplishment, energizes me, and serves as an outlet for stress.”




What do you do to make sure you have time for your workouts?

“Planning and family support is what makes it possible for me to workout.  I am grateful that my husband supports me by understanding my need for an early bedtime and being at home with the kids during my 5:15 a.m. workouts.  When he travels for work, I am fortunate my mom will help me with my kids. I have to prepare the night before so I can dress and escape quietly in the dark to make it to class on time. The early morning workout time allows me to get my exercise in before the early start time of my operating schedule.  Once I am at work, the day can get unpredictable so morning class times before work has been key for me.  It took about a month for me to completely change my wake/sleep rhythm to make myself a morning workout person, but this change has really improved my mood at the start of each day and has made the breakfast-getting-the-kids-dressed-and-out-of-the-house-rush less rushed.  The app used to schedule classes at Village Coach Fitness is very helpful at putting it on my calendar with an alarm.” 

Did you play sports growing up?

“I did not participate in many sports when I was younger, mainly because the focus was on excelling in academics and my participation in sports was erroneously looked at as a distraction.  There was a phase during when I was very engaged in developing my yoga practice.  I have attended many group aerobics classes, but otherwise have not been too loyal to a gym until joining Village Coach Fitness.”

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining the village?

“I would remind them that they deserve it.  They deserve coaches that are knowledgeable, motivating, and considerate enough to help them achieve their goals efficiently and without injury.  They deserve a Village that will be positive and supportive during their journey to better fitness.  They deserve to take time for themselves, dedicated to their health.  Coach Fatimat herself is an inspirational figure and valuable resource.  It is a unique opportunity to work with such an accomplished athlete.”

We LOVE you Piali! We’re so grateful to have you apart of our Village Tribe. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. 

If you’re reading this and think you are ready to make a lifestyle change by joining our incredible group of people schedule an appointment today! Or e-mail support@villagecoachfitness.com for more info!


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