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This is a blog about my incredible journey to becoming a healthier me! I have had MANY ups and downs on this journey… and my hope is that through my story, I can help others who are struggling and fighting the same battle. I will be updating this blog monthly (maybe more if there is something specific that happens) so make sure to keep checking in.  First I would like to give you a little bit of my background…..

I am 37 years old and right now I weigh about 184 pounds but at my heaviest weight I was 266 pounds!!!! However, this problem did not just happen since I became an adult, my weight problems started when I was a child. I was never taught PROPER nutrition growing up. Actually, I grew up very poor, so my mentality was “you better eat it now, cause you may not ever get it again”, Thus beginning a lifestyle of overeating. I was teased terribly in school and called every name in the book. Kids would actually make “mooing” sounds at me as I walked past them. This really had an effect on my self-esteem and made me feel very bad about myself. I didn’t have many friends so FOOD became my friend! I basically ate my feelings! Continuing on to adulthood still having not been taught proper nutrition I gained more and more weight. I graduated high school at the top of my class (in the weight category)!!!! At my high school graduation I was close to 200 pounds. Funny thing is, I remember a friend and I talking about our weight when I was in 5th grade saying, “I will never weigh 200 pounds, if I do please harpoon me!” Those words came back to my thoughts as I was approaching that weight on the scale. I knew I had to do something about it, but I didn’t know how. I also knew it had a lot to do with how I was eating so, I began to eat better. But I quickly got discouraged and felt deprived because none of my friends had to eat celery and carrots for lunch! I gave up and just kept watching the number on the scale rise. Actually, I got to a point where I wouldn’t even get on the scale anymore! I didn’t even want to know.

My weight continued to increase and my self-worth continued to decrease! If it wasn’t for my church family and my faith in God, I may not be here today. I struggled with thoughts of suicide and felt like I could never be loved because I was so fat! My own Mom would make fun of me and put me down so I couldn’t imagine anyone else being able to accept me or love me for who I was. This caused me to be very isolated. I thank my Heavenly Father for putting certain people in my life when He did to show me the love I needed. This really had an impact on me. It showed me just because I was fat, didn’t mean I was worthless and unwanted!

So, life went on… and I just kind of rolled (no pun intended LOL!) with it. I got to a point where I wanted to join the dance team at my church.  At this time I was 193 pounds! I was graciously allowed to join the team, but once I got started, it was very hard for me to move without getting winded and sweating profusely! You can imagine this did not look too good! I decided at that time I really needed to do something about my weight! I had a friend who introduced me to the “Atkins” diet and it seemed like it was going to be a great fit for me! It was all the fattening foods I loved, I didn’t have to count calories or measure out my food and I could eat as much as I wanted (continuing my mentality of overeating) as long as it was only protein. I began following it to the tee and I did lose weight. I got down to 152 pounds and kept it off for over a year (the whole time-not eating carbohydrates). I had serious stomach problems due to only eating protein, but I didn’t care, I wanted to be skinny! But deep down inside I knew this was not a lifestyle that I could live permanently, but I didn’t know what else to do.

In 2004 I married the love of my life and continued life as it was…. I quickly discovered that the moment I put a carbohydrate in my mouth I would gain a pound! So, I continued to eat only protein! I couldn’t let my new husband see how huge I could become! I gained a few pounds here and there but what I started noticing was that my body was no longer responding to the “Atkins” diet. I would stop eating carbs and still would not lose the weight. Then I got pregnant with our first child. I wanted to do what was best for my baby and I knew my body needed carbohydrates to function so my baby would definitely need them to grow…. So I quit dieting and began eating whatever I wanted! I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy! However, being a new mom overshadowed the issue of my weight and I ignored it. I had to wear my MATERNITY clothes for an entire YEAR after having my son! This was EMBARRASSING! Once I finished nursing my son (when he was a year old) I decided to start trying to lose the weight again. I went back to the only thing I knew, The “Atkins” diet.

At this point I weighed 246 pounds! I started eating all protein again, but like I said earlier, it didn’t seem to be working as well this time so I added in some exercise. I bought a few of the “Biggest Loser” Videos and did them at home. I was able to lose about 30 pounds and then I got pregnant with our second child! So, the cycle started all over again. This time, I did try to eat a little better but all I craved were cheeseburgers and french fries! Unfortunately, there was a Carl’s Jr. just down the street so; it was easy for me to give into those cravings! After giving birth to my daughter, I weighed 266 pounds! I was devastated and depressed beyond belief (and back to wearing my maternity clothes as my regular wardrobe). But just like with my son, having a new baby helped me ignore the problem. After I finished nursing my daughter (when she was a year old), I started back on the “Atkins” diet – well kind of!  This went on for about four years and during those four years as I “yo-yo’d” back and forth; I was only able to lose a total of 44 pounds! That is an average of 11 pounds per YEAR!!!!

It wasn’t until I joined Village Coach Fitness that I began to see LASTING results! The day I met Coach Fatimat was a CHANGING day in my life! I weighed 222 pounds and my body fat was at 42%!!! Can you believe that!?  I was made out of almost 50% FAT! GROSS! Most people don’t know (I didn’t) that just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. You can weigh 130 pounds and be more than 50% fat! That is why it is important to not only rely on what the scale says, you have to know how much fat vs. muscle you have! That is how you will know if you are unhealthy or not.

I learned that losing weight and getting healthy have two components- Nutrition and Exercise. I learned a very valuable lesson regarding this. I had been watching what I ate and attending boot camp regularly thus seeing the pounds and inches fall off. However, one month I decided I didn’t really want to give up all the “snacky” foods I loved so much. I continued to track my calories and I thought as long as I was eating the right amount I would be fine no matter what I ate. Well, the day of my measurements came!!!! I got on the scale feeling VERY confident (because I kept my calories where they should be) and I did lose 2 pounds however, my body fat percentage went UP! I was DEVASTATED because I had been working out FIVE days a week and really putting in a lot of effort. Coach Fatimat explained to me that the working out saved me that month. Had I been eating what I was eating and NOT working out, I probably would have gained weight! It was so hard to see how my hard work and dedication to the workout was swallowed up and made to be NON-EXISTENT by the food choices I made.

The following month I really paid attention to what I was eating and had a successful outcome. I lost FOUR pounds (1 pound a week) and my body fat went down 1.5%. You would think I had learned my lesson, right? I was so excited I did so well, but slowly fell back into my old habit of snacking on the wrong foods again. Coincidentally at my next measurement appointment I lost less than one pound on the scale and my body fat percentage only went down .2%.  I was beginning to see a pattern.

After having the same outcome TWICE, I understood even more so that nutrition plays a very important part in losing weight and being healthy. It makes NO SENSE to work out with such dedication only to have nothing to show for it because of what I ate. I learned quickly that it is very important what foods I choose to achieve my daily caloric intake. An apple with a little bit of peanut butter is a much better choice to use up 175 calories than an ice cream bar! I can’t even begin to tell you how what I have learned through the educational tools provided by Coach Fatimat has changed my life! Knowledge is power, and if you have the knowledge you will have the power to succeed!

Having learned what I know now about GOOD nutrition and PRODUCTIVE exercise I have lost 38 POUNDS OF FAT! It was 42 pounds….. I gained a few over the holidays but I am working on getting those off!!!!   That is almost 3 ½ times what I had lost in ONE year on the “Atkins” diet!!!! I am not going to say it has been easy…. But it definitely has been worth it! I have had to make some quality changes in my life to accomplish this and they have been lasting changes. I had to learn that you don’t lose weight by going on a diet; you lose it by making healthy LIFESTYLE CHANGES!

Even though losing the weight and being on the right track to becoming healthy is an achievement, I feel the knowledge of how to have PROPER nutrition is the most valuable! Knowing how to make good food choices is something that is going to help me stay healthy and keep the weight off!

Since I started losing the weight I’ve ran TWO 5K’s and hiked to the top of Mt. Rubidoux, not to mention my self-worth and confidence level has definitely taken a turn for the better!!!! If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would be able to say that, I would have said you were CRAZY!!! But because of the help of my committed coach I CAN say it!!!  I am looking forward to accomplishing my next weight lost goal…. A total fat loss of 100 pounds!!!! I only have 18 pounds to go!!!

Thank you for reading my story… check back next month for another update!!!! I promise it will NOT be this long! And PLEASE feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I can only tell you how my experience has been but if you need more information I will be sure to consult Coach Fatimat and respond to you with an educated and professional response! Once again, thank you for reading my story! Have a GREAT day!




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