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Strawberrie Pops


Its coach Fatimat here:)

Hope you had a great weekend! I have 2 little kiddos and I try my very best to limit artificial flavor consumption in my household. I am not always successful as I have no control over what we are fed when we visit with them. One thing I have not bought over the past 3 years are all types of Popsicles because I can make at home better ones than the store brands!

My children love our homemade Pops. Not saying your kiddos will do too, but worth a trying and make sure to get your kiddos involved in picking out what type(s) to make.

The summer is here and it is a perfect time to make your own homemade cold snacks!

Strawberry Popsicle:

3 Cup Fresh Strawberries-hulled and halved ( can use frozen)

1/2 Cup Organic Honey ( I like to change it up with Dates)

2 Tablespoon  Freshly Squeeze Lemon Juice ( I like to change it up with Apple Cider Vinegar)

In a food processor, combine the above items and blend until smooth. Pour into 6 Pop molds and freeze until solid.

I bought my pop molds from Bath Bed and Beyond (Tovolo Star Pop Molds). My daughter loves star shapes. You can also find them at Walmart or Target.

I will love to hear from you:)


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