Holiday Belly Burn Challenge

Holiday Belly Burn

How Much Weight Did You Gain
During The Holidays Last Year?
Here’s How *This Year* You Can Lose
That Same Amount (instead of gaining it)

On average, Americans gain from 8 to 13 pounds during the Holidays…only to make yet another failed
New Year’s Resolution to try to lose it.

circle-toesSound familiar?

So how much did you gain last year? And the year before? And the year before that?
So let’s say it was just 8 pounds. Wouldn’t you rather lose that weight during the holidays — from Thanksgiving to New Year’s — rather than gaining that same weight?

Here’s another quick question for you:

Have you ever made one of those promises to yourself during the holidays that you weren’t going to gain a bunch of weight?

That this year was gonna be different, and you would start reaching your goals BEFORE New Year’s?

Have you ever started following a diet or workout program only to find that you didn’t have all the tools, knowledge, and motivation to do it “on your own” let alone tackle it during THE BIGGEST weight-gaining season of the year?

holiday-eatingNow all of a sudden your pledge to lose weight during the holidays turns into a just-don’t-gain-more-than-5-or 10 or even 15pounds battle…. a battle that you unfortunately seem to lose every single year.

You start out alright and try to “be good” at parties while begrudgingly and enviously staring at your friend that seems to be able to eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound.


Then you try to sneak in a couple extra laps around the block and maybe pop in one of those “Sweating to the Oldies” DVD’s to burn off that second glass of egg nog that you “couldn’t resist”.

And then worst of all, even after all of your sacrificing and suffering and attempting to “be good” until New Year’s, you still end up fitting a bit more snugly in those jeans and finding any baggy sweatshirt or scarf in site to cover up the 8 pounds that you inevitably gained anyway.

More importantly, you’ve wasted your time and you STILL have no results and you’re still:

  • The same weight you were BEFORE the holidays(or even 8 or 13 pounds extra)
  • Carrying around an even slower metabolism than you had a few weeks ago
  • Not fitting into any of your old clothes and quickly outgrowing the new ones
  • Just as frustrated and defeated as you have always been
  • Desperate to lose the weight for good except now you are even further away from your goal
  • The feeling of HOPELESSNESS come New Year’s Resolution time when you’re even further away from my goals..

At least you can hide your holiday fat gain in your winter sweaters and big coats right?

But wait,

Why is losing weight over the holidays so freaking hard?!?

Every Year That Same Vicious Cycle That Haunts You 

holiday glutton

  • The promises you would make to yourself to maintain ultimate willpower this year…
  • The inevitable “fold” at a party where some treat or confection was irresistible…
  • The splurge that led to another splurge…and another splurge…
  • The weight gain that seemed to come on more ferociously and more quickly than any other time…
  • The “I’ll do better Tomorrow.” promise. [broken]
  • The feeling of HOPELESSNESS come New Year’s Resolution time when you’re even further away from my goals..

So what does this mean for you?

I know what you are going through because We’ve all been there. And you do not have to waste the time doing absolutely everything wrong.

And that is why I know EXACTLY how to lead you to a leaner, fitter version of yourself– even during the time of year when most people GAIN a bunch of weight.

I can show you EXACTLY how to jump start your metabolism, strip off all those extra pounds, and shed inches in just 3 weeks.

So Let Me Tell You How The
Holiday Belly Burn Came To Be…

Last year I was searching for a solution for my Village Tribe Members to stay on track during the Holidays when they were going to be constantly tempted with crazy fattening food, around people who are none supportive even hostile to their goals, and their schedules out of control.

So I came up with the Holiday Challenge to help keep them on track.

I also decided at that time to let some new clients try out the program to see just how fast we could get them results during the most challenging time of the year.

We took their before measurements, dialed in their eating plans (completely personalized-because no two people eat alike) made sure they had access to an Unlimited Boot Camp schedule.



“I started the 21 day challenge in 2011 just before the holidays, I was very happy that I did because it helped me during the holidays. The 21 day challenge proved to be such a positive result for me, I lost 9 pounds but what it resulted in was something greater than weight loss, it gave me the ability to make better choices about my food, making sure my fruits and vegetables were actually in my meal plans for the day and provided me with lots of structure each day. I have managed to maintain the loss and keep it off!!!! My husband and I went on vacation for a week and enjoyed ourselves without feeling guilty about what we ate; however, when we returned we picked the second week of the 21 day challenge to help us get back on track! “– Lori B.

And one last thing….I told them to cheat on their diet.

That’s right cheat and cheat hard.

Because a cheat meals are built into our program to make it work better. And there’s all kinds of reasons you want to cheat like giving yourself a psychological break, increasing certain hormones that help you burn fat, really too many to go into here.

So you could get insanely fast results and indulge in some of your Holiday favorites.

Without all the guilt and stress of old-school don’t eat this ever with that, deprive yourself til you’d eat a shoe diets(that don’t work anyway).

So after that first Thanksgiving Fat-Loss Challenge went off we got results like Kristy and Lori.

Kristy lost 6 lbs and tripled her endurance level (this woman can run fast-we call her jet legs). While Lori lost 9 lbs and one inch in her waist in only 3 weeks and have more energy to keep up with her grandchildren. Even though they’d been working out regularly before the program.

Now with our program it’s normal to see results like 5-10 lbs in 21 Days.

But it did get the wheels in my head turning quite a bit…

Not only are these amazing people TOTALLY transformed their bodies, but they did it right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, and any other eat-anything-you-want occasion you can think of.

So it got me thinking…

Our clients lost TON of body fat using my programs…and do it all during the holiday season…why couldn’t ANYONE do the same thing, see the same results, and still get to indulge in the holiday feasts and not feel like they were giving up all the holiday fun?

Its on! My quest to find a holiday weight loss solution has been a top priority, and the good news was that I’ve been able to figure it out.

I’ve tested….and tweaked…and experimented for nearly a year!

And what I came up with delivered even better results than I could have ever hoped for.

Not only was I able to design a program that fires up even the slowest of metabolisms, melts off body fat at warp speed,

AND of course it involves a weekly cheat meal where you can eat whatever you want once every 7 days….

I was able to super-charge the entire thing and produce the same results in just 21 Days! I’m sure you can imagine the village girl’s excitement.

And the Holiday Belly Burn Was Born….

It’s called Holiday Belly Burn and I have to say, it’s truly my most potent fat loss program to date.

But there is something

 I have been keeping to myself…

We will be using the holiday feasts and parties to our metabolic advantage. That’s right, we will use a little known metabolic trick to ignite your fat burning furnace 24/7.


How do we do that? It’s a secret!

(That I will share with you when you are one of the 15 to register below.)


But before I tell you exactly what it is, let me ask you a couple questions to find out if it’s right for you. So, are you ready …

  • Would you love to drop an INSANE amount of body fat in a very short amount of time?
  • Are you ready to lose 4-8 inches off your waist?
  • Would it excite you to literally have your clothes FALLING off of you?
  • Are you prepared to completely change the way you look and feel?
  • Are you ready to LOOK BETTER this New Year’s than you have in the last 5 (or 10)?

(All In Only 21 Days!!!)

Before You Say Yes, Read This…

If you want on board you have to be serious and absolutely committed. Let me say that again:


Here is the thing, I am only going to accept the first 15 (qualified) people that apply. This is because the level of attention you will get requires a great deal of my time, and my top coaches time.

So only 15.

You will be weighed in and completely measured by me prior to the start of the program. This includes “before” pictures.

Dates, Schedule & What You Are Getting Yourself Into:

Program Dates:
Monday, December 2nd- Sunday, December 22th
(Early Sign Ups Start Right Now!)

Initial Assessment / Weigh in Dates:
November 30th and Sunday December 1st. (MANDATORY)

Training Sessions:
You will have Unlimited Boot Camp Access. Camp normally lasts 45 minutes additional targeted training will be performed 3 times per week. I know you are busy (who isn’t?), that’s why we have camps Monday-Friday at 5:45 pm daily. We only ask that you at lease attend 3 days or more that will fit your schedule.


Current Training Schedule:

Grove Church location

Mon/Tuesday/Wed/Thursday/Fri: 5:45 PM

Saturday December, 14 and 21 starting at 9 AM

Santa working out

You will be given a completely personalized nutrition program(remember no two people eat alike) at your weigh in. This will include a full program breakdown including food choices and supplementation recommendations (plus Holiday Survival Guide!).

Accountability and Coaching:
The coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly. The exact days and times will be provided during the program. You will be getting full-on accountability for the duration of the 3 weeks.

Secret Sauce:
Just like McDonalds I have a secret sauce. Well it is not really a sauce, but I do have secret fat loss techniques which I will be sharing with you during the course of the program. You will be receiving daily emails from me personally with tips and techniques to enhance your fat loss.

This will make what are usually times of extreme stress and overeating manageable and survivable (plus you’ll be leaner too!).

Coach Fatimat, Show Me the Deal…


You’re going to work your butt off for the next 3 weeks BUT your results are going to come super-fast and will be significant if you simply follow the program and do what I tell you.

The program is simple in its brilliance. You’ll come and workout with me  and my trainers at least three days per week for 21 Days, and eat the foods that I’ve outlined for you in the program. It’s probably the easiest nutrition plan I have created you just read it and eat it and the results will come.

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 3 weeks period….

And you get to splurge on  Christmas… New year…without guilt! (Logging your food is mandatory though.)

I’m pretty certain you will actually enjoy it.

Belly Burn Challenge

Are YOU ready?

Our “Holiday Belly Burn” Challenge Includes:

Unlimited Fat-Burning Workouts (Monday-Friday and 2 Saturdays added)
In-Home Workouts (in case you miss a workout with us)
Belly Blast Meal plan for ALL 21 days
Complete Before & After Measurements
TONS of Healthy Recipes
A Print-and-Go BB Grocery List
Fitness & Workout Tips
Motivation & Accountability

Every Meal is Done-For-You. (It even includes cheat meals.)

Yes, you can have a cheat! This program will tell you the best time to have them.

Every workout is targeted to achieve maximum fat loss.

Get Healthy Recipes using the RIGHT ingredients and foods!

Motivation from me to keep you on track – accountability is KEY!

Sign up to reserve your spot today!

Now here’s the best part of this whole thing!

Since this is the new & updated release of the  Holiday Belly Burn, and since I’m only taking on a small group of 15 new clients for this program, I’ve priced it for anyone to afford.

The entire Holiday Belly Burn program is only $97 and Early Bird is only $77


This LESS THAN HALF PRICE of my normal rate. At that price I am almost giving this program away.

And is….


100% Money Back Guarantee:

We believe in our program SO much…
that we’re offering a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
If you’re not 100% satisfied after the 7-days,
simply let us know and we will give you 100% of your money back.
So, What are You WAITING FOR!?
With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you literally have NOTHING to lose except the pounds!
Click the “Register Today” Button Below to Sign-Up Today!


Are you already a Village Coach Fitness Member? It’s FREE for you!

Just email Coachfatimat@VillageCoachFitness.com and let me know you want to join in on the “Holiday Belly Burn”

Challenge and we will take care of it from there!


Regular: $97 Early Bird: $77

Like I said, the program “OFFICIALLY” starts on Monday December 2nd (register early and only pay $77).

You can do the program entirely for FREE when you bring two friends to sign up! Just call us with the names of your friends and we will manually register you!

So if you want to be one of the first 15 people on the program and get a lot of fat burning and muscle toning done in only 21 days…and feel AMAZING in your own skin come 2013, then you need to lock in your spot for this Monday.

This is your chance to change your body in only 21 Week! Hurry up, time is ticking!