Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS)

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

So, just what is Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

All right, let’s make this easy. See if you can find the key words in these two statements:

Statement (1)…Village Coach Fitness training philosophy described as “constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity”.
Statement (2)…FMS or Functional Movement Screen is a ranking & grading system to document movement patterns measuring movement and stability.

So, did you find the key similar words in these two statements? It’s like Highlights for us at the Village!

inline-lungeWHAT IS FMS?

This AWESOME guy named Gray Cook, some 20 years ago, created the Functional Movement Screen. Of course he’s a physical therapist, an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS), a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC), and a USAW Level 1 Coach.

FMS evaluates and grades 7 simple fundamental movements. Put simply, FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the positive effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness leading to injury. Weaknesses and/or imbalances are identified and then a customized “corrective exercise” program is given to the athlete and performed 3-4x/week for approximately 15 minutes.


  • Improve functional fitness & athletic performance
  • Establish a starting point and realistic goals
  • Create a completely personalized fitness plan
  • Identify dangerous weaknesses BEFORE injury occurs
  • Identify and resolve movement problems
  • Build lasting fitness instead of temporary ability
  • Measure and establish a record of progress


Need more…how about a few professional/college sports teams performing FMS on their athletes? Gray Cook and other FMS Certified Practitioners have worked with the following teams/organizations:

Athletic Teams

Seahawks and FMS
The Seattle Seahawks starts off their offseason program with the players going through a number of tests in the Functional Movement Screening.

Check out how the Seattle Seahawks have implemented the FMS as an integral part of their offseason training. Head Trainer Sam Ramsden and the Seahawks training staff put their players through the Functional Movement Screen, then work with the Strength and Conditioning staff to design appropriate workout programs based on the results of the screen.

Click here to view the full story

You STILL need to know more? OK, remember when your squat was this awesome?

Baby Squat

We’re all born with good mobility, but we EARN stability. Past injuries, work conditions, poor posture, deconditioning or even how you developed as a child, all play a major role in your ability and capacity to live and exercise safely and effectively. Balancing movement and power is key! Wow, that’s potent: BALANCING MOVEMENT & POWER IS KEY. Mastering a solid core-to-extremity pattern while maintaining symmetry between your left & right sides, between your arms & legs, is crucial to your development as an athlete and as a villagefit.


  • The FMS is a standardized system designed to balance and improve your physical ability.
  • Testing – You will perform a series of 7 motions.
  • Evaluation – You will be given a score for your performance of each motion.
  • Planning – A series of exercises will be recommended based on your scores. Your individualized plan will take into account your fitness goals.
  • Monitoring – Your progress and motion patterns will be monitored and recorded over time. If you develop an imbalance or injury, it will be identified early and targeted for quick resolution.


Quality over quantityI firmly believe in innovation! I have learnt through my professional career as an athlete and outside of that have grabbed lots of professional certifications and I continue to learn more so I can best serve my clients! I use the foundations of human movement and exercise science to train and coach my clients. And over the years I’ve been in this business, I have seen hundreds of “bodies in movement”. None of these bodies move the same way…we’re all individual. And we’ve all had our individual histories of training (or lack thereof!), injuries, restrictions and movement patterns.

For these reasons, I am super happy to be leading our ship, we believe the FMS system separates us from the average gym. The FMS Screen can be done by anyone trained and certified in the screen. However, the correctives and the evaluation of the athlete beyond the Screen truly require the knowledge of higher level clinician to ensure the athlete progresses out of the baseline FMS score and into the correctives.

Quality over Quantity when it comes to Human Movement. Village Coach Fitness is committed to quality human movement because that’s how is done in the village.

WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION TO DO FMS? Of those we’ve screened, many have asked themselves these hurdle-stepquestions or posed these statements:

  • I want to be able to walk up my stairs without falling. Can FMS help?
  • I want to improve my overhead squat. Can FMS help?
  • My shoulder hurts from car accident many years ago. Can FMS help?
  • My knee hurts when I run. Can FMS help?
  • My hamstrings are so tight and hurts when I run (it locked up on me and I cannot even stretch them). Can FMS help?
  • My lower back pain comes and goes whether I workout or not…I just live with it. Can FMS help?
  • Am I safe to carry this much gear on me while I work?. Can FMS help?
  • I’ve had injuries in the past but assume I’m well enough to train. Can FMS help?
  • Deadlifts always hurt my low back. My coach says my form is good. Can FMS help?
  • Is my child safe to participate in sports? Can FMS help?
  • My child cannot run properly. He/she is all over the place during running. Can FMS help?
Get screened and be certain your complex human body is firing on all cylinders!
Research shows that asymmetries and dysfunctions can increase the risk of injury by 3.5 times!


deep-squatMeasure yourself and measure your performance.

Schedule your screen. Email us (here) to request to be scheduled. FMS screens are scheduled in three sessions: Session one is for intake and screening. Session two is for the correctives, the movements and exercises recommended for you as a result of your screen results. Session three or last visit is your reevaluation, another MS screening to retest your movement. This is where you can see on paper the numbers…


Schedule your screen. Email us (click link) to request to be scheduled. FMS screens are scheduled in two sessions: the first for the screen and the second for the correctives, or the movements and exercises recommended for you as a result of your screen. The initial FMS screen will take between 30 minutes considering our initial intake interview and the movement screen. The second sessions for correctives will be scheduled once your screen is completed.


FMS Screening $149
FMS Screening and Corrective Exercises Prescription $249
FMS Re-Screening $99


What should I wear? Comfortable Clothing, like workout clothes. Tennis shoes recommended.

Is this a workout? No. You’ll hardly break a sweat, but you will be require to perform gentle warm-ups.

Does it matter what I eat prior to the test? Not really.

What will I know after the initial FMS Screen? You will be given a score that could be as high as 21. Based on your score in each of the tests, corrections will be generated and reviewed to ensure you receive the most comprehensive resolution to the score you receive.

Is the re-screen necessary? If you score below a 14, a re-screen is recommended.

BALANCING MOVEMENT & POWER IS KEY. Mastering a solid core-to-extremity pattern while maintaining symmetry between your left & right sides, between your arms & legs, is crucial to your development as an athlete and as a healthy person.



Only an FMS certified exercise professional can administer this system. These practitioners receive intensive training in the FMS system and have constant access to the latest fitness information. They also belong to a network of certified professionals who share insights and resources to help maximize the FMS experience. You’ve come to the right place… Coach Fatimat is certified and FMS has been used on her during her professional athlete career. She knows her stuff. 🙂