FREE Fitness Resolution/Goal Setting Workshop

Fitness Resolution Workshop


You’re BUSY, BUSY, but you still want to LOOK GREAT and FEEL AMAZING, right?


You’re doing your best to try to balance it all, and there just doesn’t seem to be much time left for YOU. 

You wish you had a simple plan you could stick to that would help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and maybe even help you fit into those skinny jeans!


Join us to discover SIMPLE strategies and TIME-SAVING solutions that will help you look and feel more RADIANT, ENERGIZED and SENSATIONAL!


From Numerous Past Failed Fitness RESOLUTIONS to Simple Steps to Setting Fitness Goals and Achieving the Body You Want in 2015!

Join Our Free Goal Setting & Fitness Resolution Workshop By Coach Fatimat, 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist to Finally Make…

January 10th, 2015 at 3:30 PM

The Grove Community Church-19900 Grove Community Drive, Riverside CA 92508 


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How many times have you told yourself, it’s time to start taking better care of YOU?  I know, I’ve been there too so I’m going to share a LOT of what I’ve learned along the way that you can take and implement right away.  


During this dynamic, transformational workshop, you’ll learn SIMPLE but POWERFUL tips and create YOUR personalized blueprint for success.


No more struggling to figure it all out on your own or feeling guilty and overwhelmed.  Let’s do this! 


You’ll Discover:


  • Creating the body and the life you desire is easier than you may think AND it doesn’t involve spending hours at the gym.
  • The ONE thing you can start doing TODAY that will make the biggest difference in your results and in your LIFE.
  • The REAL roadblocks that maybe be standing in the way of you being your most FIT and RADIANT self.
  • How to create a SIMPLE, TIME-SAVING exercise plan that will have you on your way to being more TONE, FIT and ENERGIZED.  
  • Quick and easy steps you can take TODAY to begin your TRANSFORMATION and stay motivated. 
  • How to get SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY so you can steadily move towards achieving and sustaining your goals.

 And much more!

You’ll leave feeling EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED, with a solid plan in place to help you FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER and AGE BETTER.

Set aside the time to do this for yourself and watch you Fitness Resolution STICK  for the first time in 2015!


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