Fatimat Athletic System Training (FAST)

Fatimat Athletic System Training (FAST)

Speed and Power you need to dominate any sports!


Fatimat Olukoju - SprinterGive Your Young Athletes The Advantage and Opportunity To Shine!!

Help Them Become Faster, Stronger, More Injury-Free & DOMINATE In Their Sport!

My name is Fatimat Yusuf-Olukoju, I am a retired track athlete and the owner of FAST! I competed for my Country, Nigeria.  My team mates and I won a Silver Medal in the 400-meter relay at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games!

As a teenager, I was given the fighting-chance opportunity to become a GREAT ATHLETE.  I was fortunate to meet a group of missionaries that came to my village and opened my eyes to the possibility of running as an athlete. I was found by my coach and he worked with me to develop the speed and the power I needed to dominate my sport.  As a result, I became the World Junior Champion, First African Woman to run UNDER 50 Sec in 400 Meter, NAIA Champion while at Azusa Pacific University and Olympic Games Silver Medalist…

I definitely wasn’t born an athlete. My parents never participated in any sports… I got my athleticism from chasing the monkeys in the village!

I had no skills or form but, with the help of a GREAT coach I was taught the proper techniques and acquired world class skills needed to compete against the BEST in the World!

Are you ready to give your athletes the FIGHTING chance?


Give Your athlete the Tools he/she needs to compete against their competitors. We’ll focus on nutrition, giving the added edge, they’ll feel unique.  Your athletes will now understand they are unique and they will beempowered so they can accomplish any task or obstacle.

I got your athlete’s back!

Help your athletes improve their speed, agility, endurance, and strength – and watch them make their sports team AND earn scholarships to College!

Have a look at these testimonials from happy parents.

Sarayah2Our daughter is Sarayah she is 13 years old, plays volleyball and lives in Moreno Valley.

Sarayah’s athletic ability has been always been there, it has just been a matter of believing in herself and strengthening her body so she can use her abilities fully.

She has been working with Coach Fatimat for 1 year and we have been very happy with my daughter’s results. She has not only developed physically but mentally as well. Our daughter has improved in core strength, stamina, jumping ability and agility!

If your child wants to excel on the next level there is no other trainer I have seen that will get them there faster.

Scott and Neda Duffy
Moreno Valley, CA


I have been there, done that and know how to nurture your athletes to bring out the best in your athletes and help them succeed. Let me use my 20 years experience as a World Class Athlete to get your athletes to where they need to be so they can compete with the BEST!

The superior FAST program offers all of these fantastic benefits:

  • Increased Speed & Agility – Your athlete will become the fastest and quickest in the game!
  • Dominating Strength & Power – Your athlete will become the strongest and most agile on the field
  • Injury Prevention Through Flexibility & Mobility – Your athlete will be the most injury-resistant athlete possible
  • Weight Training Technique – You can’t overlook good form! Performing any exercise incorrectly can lead to injury and cause muscle over-use.
  • Health, Wellness, Body Fat Reduction – Give your athletes proper nutrition guidance for optimum performance!

No matter what sport, I will develop a personalized periodized program that combines strength conditioning, speed, agility, power, plyometric, sports nutrition and so much more. It’s time to up their game!


Stretching_exercises_64Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
I will explain the benefits of FMS and how it can help your athlete achieve their athletic goals.


Runer_silhouette_running_fast_64Personalized Work-Outs
I will help your athlete set a specific, personalized workout based on their sport; this will give them laser-like focus to reach their goal.


Heart_beats_64Corrective Exercises
I will assess your athletes’ movement patterns, mobility and stability. From there, I will help them advance to an effective training structure.

Cross_of_fork_and_knife_on_a_plate_to_not_eat_64Nutrition Guidance
I will show you how to develop a nutrition plan for your athlete so they can easily reach their goal.


Star_medal_on_ribbon_necklace_64Meets/Games Support
I will assist in Registration for Meets/Games outside of your athlete’s school.


Team SuccessFull Access to Me – Their Coach
Your athlete will have full access to me in mentoring them to be the best athletes possible.  I will be with them each step of the way to motivate, encourage and coach them while they work to meet their goals and I will help them develop the mental toughness needed in any sport.  Your athlete must possess physical and mental strength to be able to compete with the top athletes.  Look no further – I will be here for your athlete to help them get to the next level in sports.


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