Could THIS be Making You Fat?

Ask anybody the causes of our growing numbers of obesity in America and they’ll name a number of reasons like sleep deprivation, stress, busy schedule, fatty foods, and many more. But a leading cause that usually goes unnoticed is the toxic chemicals that directly or indirectly make their way into your body.

Today, the processed and refined foods we consume are stuffed with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives – pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, plastic pollutants, etc. These chemicals, generally termed as obesogens, mess with our metabolic hormones and disrupt their function. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesogens disrupt your endocrine and reprograms your body such that it begins to accumulate fat instead of burning it.

Here are the chemicals that can cause diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and other fatal diseases if not avoided or highly limited in your bodies.


Bisphenol A (BPA)

It is one of the most common plastic chemicals found in the linings of canned goods and beverages, sales receipts and soft drink bottles. Worse, BPA directly finds its way into the body of babies chewing on toys. It has been demonstrated to cause cancers, learning disabilities, leptin resistance and insulin resistance – the last one causing significant weight gain. Every year, we Americans produce six billion pounds of BPA and, according to USFDA, it can be detected in more than 90% people.

You can avoid BPA exposure by staying away from the plastic bottles and containers marked number ‘7’, replacing plastic bottles with stainless steel water bottles and using the products marked “BPA Free.”

Personal Care Products

You’ll be surprised to know that on an average we use nine personal care products regularly that contain over 100 chemical substances, some of them extremely harmful. When you rub the lotion on your skin, the toxic chemicals like ethyl paraben, propylene glycol, methyl parabens, and others are absorbed transdermally into your bloodstream. Due to their estrogen mimicking effect, these chemicals can cause serious health problems like increased fat storage, tumor formation, and hormone shifting.

Teflon (PFOA)

Perfluorooctanoic acid is essentially found in non-stick pans, popcorn bags, water proofers, grease-resistant paper, furniture withstand oils, and greaseproof wrappers. Several breakthrough findings show that Teflon can lead to obesity, lung and kidney damage, and many forms of cancer. Ever thought that you have been slowly poisoning yourself and your family every day by cooking food in non-stick cookware?

You can get rid deleterious effects of Teflon by investing in stainless steel cookware. They are really worth the investment.

Artificial Hormones

Nowadays, dairy farms and meat producers treat their cattle with steroid hormones to increase milk production or to bulk the cattle up. These hormones are potent obesogens. Since the cattle are injected with steroids and you consume their meat, these steroids enter your body, too.

Artificial hormones are fat soluble, so they easily get mixed into fatty tissues of animals. You can avoid them by choosing the leaner cuts. Another good way is to go for organic, grass-fed meat and hormone-free organic milk.


Many chemicals used to kill pests on food crops are obesogens. Tributyltin disrupts your endocrine, tricholorfon causes diabetes and atrazine rapidly increases the fat storage in your body. Almost all of us are exposed to pesticides through beverages, foods and water.

We have been taught that fruits are one of the most healthy foods we consume, but not if that fruit contains more pesticides than nutrients. Organic fruits and foods are most reliable if you really want to avoid eating pesticides.   Always be sure to wash ANY fruit or vegetable before eating.


These are some of the most potent causes of obesity. Don’t think that getting fat is always the mathematics of calorie in/calorie out. Do everything you can to avoid these chemicals in your body; you have the control, use it.




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