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4 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

If you’re looking to get started on a health and fitness program, one thing that you should give some consideration to is hiring a personal trainer. Many people are quick to jump to the conclusion that rather than hiring a trainer, they can just go about this journey on their own.  They pick up a […]

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3 Signs You Need A Diet Break

One of the biggest mistakes that far too many people are making on their diet program is neglecting to consider a diet break. You’re seeing good success and as such, the last thing that you want to consider is stopping. Or, perhaps you aren’t seeing success – it’s quite the opposite. Try as you might, […]

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Why You Need to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Regular bathing and grooming is only a start. If good personal hygiene matters, sleep should also be a top priority. When this area is ignored, the entire body can suffer. This is especially so if weight loss and personal fitness are concerns. Even the best diet and exercise plans can be easily derailed if sleep […]

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2012 Turkey Busting Workout!

Our 2012 Turkey Busting Workout was a HUGE  success!!!! 25 peeps showed up to show their support and lend a helping hand to The Path of Life Homeless Shelter! We collected LOTS of food for the homeless, even those who could not make it to our workout dropped off food! We are so proud to […]

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Working Out Those Invisible Muscles Can Help With a 6-Pack Look

Crunches can only take the abdominal muscles so far. When a six-pack look is the desired outcome, more needs to be done to tone and strengthen that belly for optimum appearances. One of the most important things to not overlook when working out the abs are the “invisible muscles” that lie in this area. Yes, […]

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You KNEAD To Know This About BREAD (sorry, couldn’t help the pun!)

People are reaching for bread again now that it’s common knowledge that we need complex carbohydrates and fiber to fulfill a healthy and well-balanced diet. While it is true that whole wheat and multigrain breads hold many ingredients that are good for you, they also contain a little compound called gluten that could spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r […]

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Could THIS be Making You Fat?

Ask anybody the causes of our growing numbers of obesity in America and they’ll name a number of reasons like sleep deprivation, stress, busy schedule, fatty foods, and many more. But a leading cause that usually goes unnoticed is the toxic chemicals that directly or indirectly make their way into your body. Today, the processed […]

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Your Hormones Are Making You FAT

Have you had the same lifestyle and eating habits for years, but suddenly the numbers on the scale seem to be creeping up very fast? Well, it’s not all in your head. There are internal forces in your body that can lead you to gain weight without ever changing any of your external behaviors.   […]

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Why Soda Is Making You Fat!

If you’ve been drinking one or more sodas every day, that aluminum can in your hand is to blame for those extra digits on the scale. We’re not talking a couple pounds either. We’re talking long term weight gain. One can of cola adds more than 100 calories to your daily intake. That’s over 10 […]

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The Top 9 Reasons to Exercise

If you’re happy in your skin regardless of your weight, you may be thinking, “Why do I need to exercise?” But working out isn’t just about weight loss or even body image. Read on for several compelling reasons for you to embrace exercise in your life.      1.   Your Heart Heart disease is the […]

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