6 Week New Year Transformation


Question From Coach Fatimat,The 1996 Atlanta Olympic Silver Medalist:

Did You Make It Past February 2014 with Your Fitness Resolution?

Here’s How *This Year* You Can Lose All The Pounds You’ve Gained During The Holidays and KEEP It Off for GOOD!  (instead of falling off the wagon by Feb 2015)


We are very particular as to who we bring into our fitness tribe. Who this fitness system is for:

  • If you have failed to stick to your fitness resolution in the past.
  • You have gained 5 -10 pounds during the holidays.
  • You work out on your own and are in need of more variety of workouts.
  • Bored from the same old routine that did not get you any results last year.
  • Someone to hold you accountable and motivate you.
  • You’re stuck  new and healthy meals for your family.


Coach Fatimat, How Exactly are You going to help me lose weight and keep it off in 2015?

I will equip you with tools you’ re gonna need to fight this resolutions battle…

Here is HOW-  I will let you in on my crafted weight loss system that I have developed over 17 years of competing as a professional athlete. This is a program I have also used on myself after gaining over 40 lbs from childbirth #2.


How would you like to lose weight, boost your metabolism and tone and tighten your body faster than you ever thought possible and keep it off in 2015?

How about a complete body transformation in only 6 weeks?

I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but hear this village girl out, ok?

Many people have already written their NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION, you are probably thinking… “How the heck am I going to start and stick with my fitness resolution?” Let’s be honest… In reality you have failed more than twice in the past.

Am I right?  Is that an accurate statement?

Don’t worry I won’t hear you say it. 🙂

Unfortunately, you may have already tried the big gyms down the street and have little or no success at all!

Here is a little known secret….They don’t care whether you get in shape, get results, or even come at all!

Here is the good news…We are a small family owned business that knows every single one of our members names and goals.  This may not sound important, but it means a lot when our success is based on how well you do and the results you get.

You do want results, right!?  Testimonials- check out … she got results

The 6-Week Today Body Transformation Program Includes:

  • 6 weeks of Metabolic Fat Blasting Workouts (value $299)
  • Home workouts with a video to use on the days you’re not with us or unable to make it to training. (value $49)
  • 6 week meal guide with shopping lists (first 2 weeks is Village Shred) making going to the supermarket a breeze. (value $97)
  • One on One with Coach Fatimat (you will get personal time to finally set your fitness goals with an Olympic Silver Medalist) (value $97)
  • A body fat analysis including measurements to create a baseline (failure to do this is why so many people plateau and backslide with their fitness program).  This is necessary to track your progress. (value $79)
  • Before and after pictures (priceless)
  • The Village comradery including our private Facebook community with tons of support and positive energy (priceless)
  • Goal setting and much more (value $29)

Start Transformation Today

Let’s face it, we all want a quick solution to lose weight and have a sexy toned body… Who doesn’t?

… And while there is no quick fix (I don’t care what the infomercials claim) I did go to the drawing board and crafted a new 6-Week Total Body Transformation Program that’s right up your alley – if you want fast results.

Things are going to change for you in 2015 because this village girl is about to give you the benefit of her… When you follow my fitness system, expect the following results:

  • woman demonstrating weight lossBeing able to easily slip back into your favorite “skinny jeans” or wearing a sexy swimsuit with total confidence.
  • Step out of your shower and start your day looking in the mirror knowing that you’re finally getting BETTER and closer to your goal instead of worse.
  • Creating and sticking to your new year’s resolution!
  • Get more energy and be able to keep up with your partner and your high energy children.
  • Decrease stress, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Look more attractive
  • Feel more confident
  • Lose body fat and much more

Kristy's Transformation


Even though I had always been a pretty active person, Coach Fatimat’s exercises proved to be very challenging (especially when her timer runs on Nigerian time) and rewarding. Right away I started noticing a difference not only in my body but in the way I felt. I’m more toned and have more energy to keep up with my kids! I’m down 20 lbs so far and still counting!

Nikki's Transformation


I joined Village Coach Fitness and began my healthy eating (though I still have to treat myself to Starbucks once in a while), and bootcamp, which energizes me from the inside out. After a few weeks my husband told me he noticed my body changing. A few weeks after that, my family began to notice the changes happening to me…both physically and mentally! I’ve lost a total of 30 lbs and I feel great!

Still have questions?


And that’s EXACTLY why I created the new 6-Week Total Body Transformation Program.  

This program is specially crafted to produce FAST and LASTING results and it works like crazy…period, and a program like this can easily go for $650 and would be well worth it.

Programs Starts on January 26th, 2014

The total value of our 6 week New Year Total Body Transformation is worth over $650, However for a limited time we are offering to totally transform your body in just 6-short weeks for only $299. 


Your investment in yourself is only $197 (regular price $299)

Early Bird special ends January 20th SO… what are you waiting for?




So how much did you gain last year? And the year before? And the year before that? So let’s say it was just 8 pounds. Wouldn’t you rather lose that weight in 2015 rather than gaining that same weight?

Here’s another quick question for you: Have you ever made one of those promises to yourself during the holidays that you weren’t going to gain a bunch of weight? That this year was gonna be different, and you would start reaching your goals BEFORE new year’s?

Christina's Transformation


My trainer, coach Fatimat an Olympic Silver Medalist, was dedicated to teaching me how to develop a meal plan and fitness regimen that I could incorporate into my busy lifestyle. I am now down to a size 6. I have learned to love my body and be comfortable in my own skin.


Your investment in yourself is only $197 (regular price $299)

Early Bird special ends January 20th SO… what are you waiting for?


Have you ever started following a diet or workout program only to find that you didn’t have all the tools, knowledge, and motivation to do it alone…let alone tackle it during THE BIGGEST weight-gaining season of the year?

That’s right. I have been where you are: Overweight, Miserable, and downright Scared out of my mind to keep getting heavier.In fact, it was right after one of those “jolly” holiday seasons that I reached my heaviest…. letting myself balloon up to over nearly 200lbs.

So what does this mean for you?

I know what you are going through because I have been there. And you do not have to waste the time I did doing absolutely everything wrong. And that is why I know EXACTLY how to lead you to a leaner, fitter version of yourself– even during the time of year when most people GAIN a bunch of weight.


I can show you EXACTLY how to jump start your metabolism, strip off all those extra pounds, and shed inches in just 6 weeks.

Check out some of the results we get…(these are all clients I personally trained)



My name is Kim Bailey, and I’m 37 years old. I am a business owner; I own my own day care. I live in Fontana, California.

Before I came to see Coach Fatimat, I weighed 209 pounds. When I would weigh myself I would just cry, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed myself to get that big. I couldn’t walk up stairs without breathing hard, I couldn’t run with my kids or play ball without breathing hard, my waist was getting bigger, so that meant my clothes were getting bigger. I just wasn’t happy with myself anymore.


Let’s Go!

Programs Starts on January 26th, 2014



Your investment in yourself is only $197 (regular price $299)

Early Bird special ends January 2oth SO… what are you waiting for?


Not only had these amazing people TOTALLY transformed their bodies in 6 weeks, but they did it during Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and any other eat-anything-you-want occasion you can think of. So it got me thinking… If these folks could shed a TON of body fat in 6 weeks using my programs…and do it all during the holiday season…why couldn’t ANYONE do the same thing, see the same results, and still get to indulge in the holiday feasts and not feel like they were giving up all the holiday fun?

It was on! My quest to find a holiday weight loss solution was top priority, and the good news was that I had almost an entire year to figure it out.

So I tested….and Tweaked…and Experimented.

Healthy Life

And what I came up with delivered even BETTER RESULTS than I could have ever hoped for. Not only was I able to design a program that fires up even the slowest of metabolisms, melts off body fat at warp speed, AND involves a weekly cheat meal where you can eat whatever you want once every 7 days….

I was able to super-charge the entire thing and produce the same results in just 6 weeks! I’m sure you can imagine my excitement.

  • Would it excite you to literally have your clothes FALLING off of you?
  • Are you prepared to completely change the way you look and feel?
  • Are you ready to LOOK BETTER this New Years than you have in the last 5 (or 10)?

What is 6-Week New Year New You Transformation Coach Fatimat is raving about?

You Get Everything:


  • The transformation starts on January 26th (Monday) thru March 5th
  • You can expect to lose up to 10 – 18 lbs
  • You will be set with your own team color and will get fitness coaching
  • Four workouts per week with an Olympian, Coach Fatimat
  • Meal Guidelines and meal journal
  • Transformation Manual loaded with tools to troubleshoot any obstacles you might have
  • Habit and Accountability Tracking Logs
  • 6 weeks Meal plan and grocery lists
  • Access to private Facebook Unlimited support from a world class athlete, Coach Fatimat and the Village team

The whole program is worth over $650, but you will only pay $299 but, the EARLY Bird is only $197!


Your investment in yourself is only $197 (regular price $299)

Early Bird special ends January 20th SO… what are you waiting for?


Spots are limited to 15 motivated people as we want to make sure we have the right amount of motivated people, so secure your spot ASAP!

You can secure your spot by registering here for the early bird of only $197. Price goes up by  January 20, 2015!

6-Week New Year New You Transformation Information

Start Date: January 26th, 2015
Training Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Times: 5:45 PM
Location: The Grove Church- 19909 Grove Community Drive, Riverside, CA 92508 (North Parking lot)
Contact: Call 866-761-8877 or email: Coachfatimat@Villagecoachfitness.com