2018 January Spotlight of the Month!

We’re so excited to share with you the personal story about this months’ spotlight member of our tribe, Cindy Stolfus. We love having her as apart of our tribe, her dedication with living a healthier lifestyle is encouraging! Here is our January 2018 Spotlight Tribe Member: Self-driven, resilient, and kind; Cindy Stolfus!

Cindy’s Story:

“I was born in Modesto, CA. I have one older brother and my family still lives in that area of central California. I lived in Modesto through high school, coming to Riverside in 1987 to attend California Baptist University. I loved the Psychology and Sociology classes and ended up majoring in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work.  After I graduated I had difficulty finding a job in Social Work and ended up taking a job teaching in an elementary school.  I realized I really liked it and was still helping people! I went back to school and got my credential soon after. I taught 5th grade for a few years and then taught 6th grade for six years. During those years teaching, I met my husband, Robert, and got married. When we decided to start a family, I was blessed to be able to stay at home during their early years. We have two sons, Micah (17) and Campbell (15). I still work at the same school I started at out of college.  I have been at Woodcrest Christian Day School for over 25 years.  During the time I was home with my boys I went back to school and got a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. When I  returned to work full time I became the Vice Principal. I love my job because I work with great kids, families and co-workers.” 

Did you play Sports Growing up?

“I didn’t play sports growing up or even really like to watch sports!”

What is your motivation to work out/How did you decide to start your fitness career?

“I would say I started my love of fitness in high school. I took an aerobics class and thought, Wow! This is so much better than playing a sport! I loved the music and remember our final exam was to make up our own routine. (It was the 80s! What’s not to love about the music and the outfits!)I continued to go to aerobics classes in college and after college joined The Tournament House for their step classes. (Aerobics with a step!) After the kids were born, I would walk in the neighborhood with the stroller. Pretty soon I started to run with the stroller and before I knew it I was running regularly.

Not something I set out to do but just wanted to lose the baby weight. Once I got up to 3 miles, I began to look for a race to participate in. I was thinking a 5K since I had never done a race before. I saw on Facebook a friend was doing a half marathon and looking for others to run also. I honestly don’t know what made me say yes, but I signed up. I did my first Half Marathon the year I turned 40!  I was slow, but I finished!  I have since completed a total of 9 half marathons, a few 10Ks and many 5Ks.”

How does working out make you feel? 

“I joined the Village because I wasn’t feeling as motivated to run after my running partner moved away. It is hard for me to stay motivated when I am working out alone. I love the Village because you don’t work out alone. There are a wonderful group of encouraging women to spur me on as well as the amazing coaches who kick my butt! I love the way I feel when I have finished a hard workout. I feel strong and accomplished. I also love it when I don’t think I can do something, but I am challenged by the coaches to “dig deeper” and I find out I can do it!” 

What are your goals?

“My goals are to keep up with my teenagers! I encouraged them to run at an early age and ran their first 5K with them. Now they run circles around me and challenge me!  I also would like to stay fit as I get older. I realize that working out and eating right are going to help me reach those goals.”

Wh​at do you do to make sure you have time for your workouts?

“In the past I struggled with keeping up with the workouts in the evenings since I taxi the boys around to all their activities. But this last year I have done so much better. I never thought I would be able to do the 5:15 a.m. workouts! But a year ago December I gave it a try and I love it!  I have to plan ahead to do it by ironing my clothes for work, making my lunch and laying out my work out clothes the night before.  But then, there is no excuse and nothing else on my calendar at that time of the morning!” 

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining the Village?

“The Village is more than just a place to work out!  It is personal and that’s what makes it better than the place down the street. The coaches really care about you. They get to know you and adjust the workouts if needed to their clients. They always have time to listen and have often checked on me when I had an injury or pulled muscle. But they also don’t take it easy on you either. They challenge you and push you to be better!”


What kind of milestones have you accomplished & what were the results?

“I continue to work towards my ideal weight. Even though I haven’t achieved it yet, I have made progress. One of the biggest changes that I see is the change in my eating habits. I have learned a great deal about nutrition and with the eating plans we receive I have been more conscious of what I buy and the meals I make. I have tried many new foods and ingredients and my family has too!”

We LOVE you Cindy! We’re so grateful to have you be apart of our Village Tribe! Thank you for sharing your story with us all! Don’t forget to show Cindy some love by leaving a comment below!

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